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Prostabeta Advance


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Prostabeta Advance could be the solution you have been looking for to tackle your prostate problems.

Are you suffering from painful urination, weak bladder, night time urination, incontinence, ’full bladder’ feeling and/or PSA blood antigen levels over 4? These are ALL caused by your failing hormones; which is causing your prostate gland to enlarge and turn against you!

You can regain your passion for life 300% more effectively, with Prostabeta Advance.

All men face a unique and personal health risk: their prostate gland. Between the age of 35 and 50 years of age the average man’s prostate turns from a reproductive powerhouse and sexual pleasure provider; into a dangerous and often uncomfortable nuisance. No man wants to feel prematurely old and suffer from a weak bladder, night time urination, incontinence and premature ageing.

Maybe you already suffer from these problems; maybe you’re over 35 and starting to get concerned; or maybe you’re just one of the few lucky men who haven’t suffered from this male-only nasty – yet. Whichever category you fall into, there is a powerful, proven and 100% natural way to assist your prostate function and passion for living – Prostabeta Advance.

According to highly respected scientists, a man’s risk of prostate related problems increases dramatically from the age of 50.

Painful urination, weak bladder, night time urination, incontinence and premature ageing are caused by your body’s changing hormonal function and levels. It doesn’t help a failing prostate can go unnoticed until the symptoms become severe. Be certain as you age, your body is constantly ravaged by imbalanced or falling hormone levels; with serious health consequences. This especially applies to your prostate gland.

European men are prescribed natural alternatives, containing the main ingredient in Prostabeta Advance®, the minute their doctors suspect prostate problems.

It doesn’t seem fair men in the UK and other countries are forced to resort to synthetic drugs and painful surgery to try and cure their prostate problems.

How to look after your prostate 300% more effectively, with Prostabeta Advance…

Prostabeta Advance is a powerful, natural prostate supplement available to help you look after your prostate and re-gain the prostate health you took for granted as a young man.

Reasons YOU should consider taking Prostabeta Advance

  • Super-potent 600mg Betasitosterol – considered by experts to be the most effective natural solution for preventing & relieving prostate enlargement (equivalent to 3000 dried saw palmetto berries)!
  • Stronger and cheaper than European prescription formulas Harzal and Permixon
  • 20 vitamins, herbs & anti-oxidants to enhance prostate function
  • Can reduce or stop frequent nightly bathroom visits
  • Regain and restore your passion for life
  • Helps prevent serious prostate symptoms developing
  • Simply one tablet a day – no complicated method of taking
  • No side effects
  • Any man of any age can take Prostabeta Advance
  • No conflict with existing medications you may already be taking
  • Safe to take even if you have a pre-existing medical condition
  • 100% natural

Ingredients Include:

  • 600mg Betasitosterol, scientifically proven to be a critical natural prostate nutrient.
  • 200mg Saw Palmetto Berry (90% sterols). Inhibits testosterone conversion enzyme and blocks uptake of DHT, both of which are causes of prostate problems.
  • 148mg Vitamin E, highly effective in treating and preventing prostate problems.
  • 30mg Siberian Ginseng & 30mg of Panax Ginseng. Proven to increase free testosterone levels, helping reduce prostate enlargement.
  • 80mg Soy Isoflavones. Powerful anti-oxidant which can prevent prostate enlargement.
  • 60mg Lycopene. A powerful anti-oxidant research has shown can lower the risk of prostate problems by 45%.
  • 8mg Zinc Your prostate needs 10x more Zinc than any other part of your body. Numerous studies have shown its benefits in fighting and preventing prostate problems.
  • Vitamin B6. Essential for good prostate function.
  • 2mg Bioperine. Clinically proven to dramatically increase nutrient absorption and bioavailability.
  • 25mg Pumpkin Seed Extract. A natural, non-irritating diuretic which can prevent or treat prostate problems.
  • 67mcg Chromium. A trace element essential for glucose metabolism. Research shows lowering blood-sugar levels can prevent prostate problems.
  • 100mcg Selenium. Increased Selenium levels can reduce prostate problems by 80% in 90% of men who take it as a supplement.
  • 80mg Quercitin. Recognised as a powerful anti-oxidant which is highly effective in combating prostate problems and maintaining a healthy prostate.
  • 1mg Copper. Critical protection against oxidative prostate stress and prostate problems.
  • 150mg Garlic. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed the benefits of garlic for prostate health.


Take 1 tablet daily