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Prime Vital H3™ GeroVital® H3 GH3 advance™


Unlocking the Secret of Vitality: Gerovital GH3's Journey to Prime Vital H3   Origins: A Romanian Treasure Unveiled Once shrouded in secrecy, Gerovital GH3's creation traces back to the innovative Romanian scientist, Professor Aslan, in the 1950s. The powerful concoction,...

Prime Harmony™


Experience the Power of Nature in Every Tablet Our tablets are carefully crafted to harness the potent benefits of natural and organic Prime Harmony berry extract. With a standardized 20mg dosage, equivalent to 200mg of the herb itself, our supplement...

Prime Prostate ProstaBeta®


WARNING: Prostate problems left unattended could result in the worse-case scenario : PROSTATECTOMY. When Doctors decide your prostate has become dangerous, you have a life threatening condition. In such circumstances, major surgery is in order. Surgeons remove the prostate gland...

Prime Pure Collagen™


Healthier Skin with Boosted Elasticity and Fewer Wrinkles Skin health is the most heavily researched and widely accepted benefit of Collagen. Is there a face cream or serum that doesn’t contain Collagen? We’ll look at what the most recent research...

Prime Eyes™


Prime Eyes comes packed with The Power of Nature’s Best Ingredients Offering a solution to protect, preserve, and restore your vision throughout your life   Marigold Extract: A Key Source of Lutein – the “Eye Vitamin” Lutein is a vital phytonutrient...

Prime Viga™


Prime Viga is a potent blend of trusted ingredients from the global pharmacopeia of traditional medicine. Every ingredient is carefully blended and in correct quantities to work in harmony with each other, ensuring you enhance your sexual health and performance...

Prime Revive™ Hair Growth


Restore & Revitalize Your Hair with The Totally Natural Solution!   An impressive blend of over 30 natural vitamins, minerals and plant extracts makes Prime Revive a powerful solution to restoring radiant, thick hair and a healthy scalp.   Folic...

Prime Life+Longevity™


Supercharged with CoQ10 Recognized for its crucial role in energy production within our cells, CoQ10 ensures our cells function optimally; and provides antioxidant support, defending against the age-accelerating free radicals.     Boosted with BioPerine®  A patented extract from black...

Prime Man Testosterone Booster™


Prime Man is a potent, carefully crafted, blend of the finest natural extracts known for their ability to boost testosterone levels and increase your workout performance. You’ll achieve better results, faster using 100% natural and safe Prime Man.    ...

Prime Peptide Protein™


Introducing PRIME Peptide Protein with added pH Correct Buffered Creatine Kre-Alkalyn® Unleashing the Power of Superior Protein and Enhanced Performance     KEY BENEFITS Superior Protein Absorption: With 100% peptide protein hydrolysis, it delivers di- and tripeptides that are quickly...

Prime Harmony Plus+ ™


The Most Balanced Ingredients     Fennel Seed Extract   Recognized for alleviating menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms. Its antispasmodic properties relax the uterus muscles, reducing discomfort and cramping. Contains phytoestrogens, plant-based compounds that mimic oestrogen. These manage menopausal symptoms, such...

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