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Tribulus Plus Capsules


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Tribulus Plus can:

  • Promotes greater natural testosterone production
  • Promotes raised male and female sex drive
  • Improves libido
  • Boost potency, virility and vitality
  • Improve sexual function
  • Reignite youthful sexual passion

More Information

Tribulus Terrestris, or Puncture Vine, has long been used in Chinese herbal and Indian Ayurvedic to treat sexual problems in both men and women.

Studies show Tribulus Terrestris increases luteinizing hormone (LH) in men which naturally increases levels of free testosterone. This increases sexual desire and libido; sperm motility, quantity and quality; while it can also help with erectile dysfunction.

It can also increase levels of Nitric Oxide; which is essential to help men achieve an erection by relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis, allowing improved blood flow into the penis when needed.

Tribulus Terrestris has also been found to increase sexual sensitivity and responsiveness in women. It also helps alleviate many of the symptoms of the menopause including hot flushes, sleeplessness, sweats, depression and mood swings.

By boosting Nitric Oxide levels, Tribulus Terrestris increases stamina by raising the amounts of oxygen carried through the blood. This boosting of Nitric Oxide levels increases your ability to exercise; so increasing your muscle mass while reducing levels of fat on your body.


Each Tribulus Plus capsule contains:

  • 750mg of a highly concentrated 20% sterilized extract of Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-arginine-AKG 150mg
  • Saw palmetto extract 75 mg
  • Zinc 10mg


As a dietary supplement:

  • Men take one Tribulus Plus capsule per 22kg of weight per day
  • Women one to two Tribulus Plus capsules per day