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Gerovital GH3 Gold


Research over 50 years has shown GH3 to give the following benefits: Helps reduce joint pain Helps increase flexibility throughout the body (including joints) Helps improve skin tone Helps reduce wrinkles Helps reduce presence of liver spots (common as people...

Prostabeta Advance


Prostabeta Advance could be the solution you have been looking for to tackle your prostate problems. Are you suffering from painful urination, weak bladder, night time urination, incontinence, ’full bladder’ feeling and/or PSA blood antigen levels over 4? These are ALL...

Gerovital GH3 Advance


Gerovital GH3 Advance One Tablet Daily is suitable for both men and women of any age, with any lifestyle, wanting to boost energy levels; achieve greater mental sharpness; reduce stress levels and regain their lust for life. A selection of...

Super ProstaBeta 1,000mg Phytopin


Super Prostabeta is the solution to severe prostate problems men of any age have been seeking. Though suitable for men of any age; it is especially designed for men aged 70 years or to maintain good prostate health; or reduce...

HGC3 Hair Growth Formula


HGC3 Hair Growth Formula is a powerful combination of over 40 vitamins, minerals and extracts, designed to feed your hair follicles through your blood supply. The result is thicker, stronger, rejuvenated hair. Hair loss occurs for many reasons including: Improper...

Gerovital GH3 Gold Creme


Gerovital GH3 Gold Creme works quickly on dry or damaged skin to: Reduce fine lines. Shrink pores. Fade dark circles. Stimulate circulation throughout your skin. Your skin will smoothen and tighten, dramatically reducing the signs of ageing. This is the...

NitroMax AKG 1,500mg


Nitromax boosts blood circulation keeping you healthy and active! Nitromax contains the amino acid L-arginine – one of the building blocks of life. Eating a healthy, balanced diet provides amino acids. Using supplements to raise amino acid levels is good. L-arginine...

JointSolve Lozenges


JointSolve is a natural, chewable anti-inflammatory joint care and pain relief. It is 100% natural, featuring the patented compound Kre-Celazine – developed from research into Creatine. Kre-Celazine is a second-generation version of the popular natural joint pain reliever, Celadrin. It’s capable of...

MaxiMan Male Booster Tablets


Maximan is a one a day tablet for men wanting to improve or maintain their sexual health. Delivering ongoing support, Maximan can help you lessen the problem of age related erectile dysfunction; or help those seeking to maximize their pleasure and performance....

Syno-Vital Sachets Plus Vitamin C


Syno-Vital Sachets could help maintain healthy cartilage, skin and muscles. Assists with maintaining healthy cartilage Hydrates the skin Plumps up collagen Assists with maintaining healthy eyes Suitable for vegetarian/vegans Syno-Vital sachets used daily can provide your body with the Hyaluronic...

Syno-Vital Advance Plus Vitamin C


Syno-Vital Advance Plus Vitamin C capsules are an effective supplement specifically designed to restore flexibility and lubrication to your joints. Simply taking 1-2 capsules a day will soon have you experiencing pain free movement and flexibility. Experts hail Hyaluronic Acid...

Hydra Vital Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spray


Hydra Vital Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spray is a refreshing and stimulating facial spray made from the natural extract of roses and Hyaluronan. Regular use will boost the benefits you get from your regular moisturizers and night creams. Even when using...

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