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NitroMax AKG 1,500mg


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Nitromax boosts blood circulation keeping you healthy and active!

Nitromax contains the amino acid L-arginine – one of the building blocks of life. Eating a healthy, balanced diet provides amino acids. Using supplements to raise amino acid levels is good. L-arginine is one offering many benefits for older people.

L-arginine can increase blood flow around the body by widening all blood vessels. This allows the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Improving circulation helps reduce the potential of certain heart conditions. Muscle pain is also reduced.

Improving circulation of oxygen carrying blood to your brain helps stop declining mental and cognitive abilities. This helps fight depression in older people.

L-arginine raises production of some hormones, whose levels decline as we age.

Arginine for a Healthy Heart!

Studies have found L-arginine helps maintain healthy blood vessels and cardiovascular system. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels.

Fighting Infection and Inflammation

L-arginine fights inflammation by making your immune system work effectively. It helps keep you generally healthy through its free radical scavenging abilities. Acting as a neurotransmitter helps protect your central nervous system.  

Boosting Your Stamina

Increasing your blood flow allows oxygen and nutrients to be carried effectively to your joints and muscles, allowing for more and freer movement without pain.  It has also been shown to increase your production off growth hormone, which declines as we age, helping maintain and increase muscle mass.

Improving Immunity to Illness

L-arginine use shows reduced infection risks; improved healing of wounds; and shortened recovery time after a major illnesses or surgery.

Regaining the sexual power of your youth.
Improving blood circulation and increasing stamina by taking L-arginine has big effects for older men in improving sexual functioning. Mostly it can result in stronger, harder and longer lasting erections.

Besides helping reverse erectile dysfunction, taking L-arginine can improve sperm production and sperm motility.

A dream come true

You can see why we are excited to be offering Nitromax. It can seriously improve your heart health, circulation, activity levels and sexual performance. Plus Nitromax is safe and effective.


Each Nitromax AKG™ tablet provides 1,500mg pharmaceutical grade (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and pH-controlled delivery system). 


Heart Health: Take one tablet AM and one PM.

Sexual Potency: Take one tablet AM and PM and one tablet one hour prior to a sexual event.

Sports training: Take one tablet AM one tablet PM and one tablet one hour prior to a workout.