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Prime Vital H3™ GeroVital® H3 GH3 advance™


Ages You Well With Optimum Health
Keeps Your Skin Firm, Healthy & Radiant
Enhances Joint Flexibility & Reduces Pain & Stiffness
Restore Thinning & Greying Hair
Promote Quality Sleep & Refreshing Awakenings
Helps Alleviate Low Moods
Enhances Memory, Concentration & Brainpower

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Embrace The Synergy of Science & Nature. Re-Connect To Your Youth With Prime Vital H3 GeroVital H3 GH3 advance

Are you tired of feeling worn down and looking older than you feel? It's time you discovered the transformative power of GeroVital H3 - GH3 for short– the secret to youthful vitality that has been trusted for generations, since its accidental discovery and development by Professor Dr Ana Aslan one of Europe’s first Gerontologists and winner of 27 International awards.

Prime Vital H3 Gerovital GH3 ALL the benefits of Gerovital GH3, but is faster acting and – if taken for extended periods – gives stronger, more noticeable results.

What are the Prime Results?

The overall effect on the body is apparently one of complete rejuvenation, bringing energy and vitality together with feelings of calmness and tranquillity - D Dooley, Daily Mail

One of the earliest visible signs is improvement in the skin; it softens, smooths out wrinkles, brightens skin colour, and improves pigmentation. Hair has also been known to rapidly regrow. It is successful in strengthening bones and joints- Vogue (Body & Beauty) Magazine. Those who have taken GH3 claim a feeling of total relaxation, love of life, a sexual boost and general improvement physically and emotionally- Marie Claire Health & Beauty Magazine.

The Secret of Ageless Vitality!

Experience the cutting-edge power of Prime Vital H3, a safe and convenient age-defying formula.

At the heart of Prime Vital H3 lies the active ingredients PABA/DEAE. Procaine HCL acts as our source of these prime ingredients. This vital compound, when buffered with potassium metabisulphite and disodium phosphate, transforms into the renowned Gerovital GH3, also known as Gerovital or simply GH3. This potent compound forms the foundation of Prime Vital H3's age-defying power.

Regardless of your age or lifestyle, prepare to experience a boost in your energy levels and mental acuity. Say goodbye to constant aches, pains, and stress, and embrace your new zest
for life. With Prime Vital H3, the symptoms of aging are no longer inevitable nor irreversible process. Experience a new lease on life and step into a brighter, healthier, and more youthful you.

Step Into a World of Rejuvenation.

No matter your age or lifestyle, Prime Vital H3 is here to invigorate your daily life. Begin your journey today and witness a transformation you can feel, and others can see.

Uncover the myriad life-enhancing benefits of Gerovital GH3. European trials report advantages including increased sex drive, balanced cholesterol levels, and relief from arthritis pain. During a severe flu epidemic, Gerovital users demonstrated increased immunity, with incidence rates less
than 20% of the general population. This is a product proven by countless users and favoured by
the rich and famous and unlike other products claiming to reverse some signs of ageing, Prime Vital H3 is supported by half a century of research and numerous scientific studies across Europe and America.

Unlocking the Secret of Vitality: Gerovital GH3's Journey to Prime Vital H3


Origins: A Romanian Treasure Unveiled Once shrouded in secrecy, Gerovital GH3's creation traces back to the innovative Romanian scientist, Professor Aslan, in the 1950s. The powerful concoction, initially reserved for key personnel, eventually broke boundaries, reaching American scientists who transformed it into an accessible oral tablet – Prime Vital H3.

From Anaesthetic to Holistic Wellness: The Procaine Revolution Rooted in the pioneering work of biochemist Dr. Alfred Einhorn, procaine, or "Novocain," transformed from a mere anaesthetic into a ground-breaking wellness enhancer. It was Dr. Ana Aslan who identified and harnessed procaine's potential in reducing arthritis-related pain, and in so doing, discovered unexpected holistic health benefits.

Gerovital GH3: A Turning Point in Health Science The discovery of procaine's side effects prompted Dr. Aslan to develop GH3.

The Double-Blind Validation: A Pioneering Study Dr. Aslan conducted one of the most comprehensive double-blind studies in health history to verify GH3's effectiveness. The revolutionary findings not only halted some symptoms of
ageing, but reversed it in many instances.

Prime Vital H3: A Symphony of Health ensures optimal absorption and effectiveness. This unique blend stands as the pinnacle of GH3 tablets, promising rejuvenation, and vitality to its users.

A Catalyst for Continued Vitality Prime Vital H3 goes beyond immediate effects. Acting as a pro-vitamin, it boosts the body's production of crucial elements, ensuring lasting health and vitality. Experience the transformative power of Prime Vital H3 and embrace a rejuvenated zest for life.





Your Prime Vital H3 is very special. It has helped me to sleep better. My varicose veins are better. I have been attending my doctor for high blood pressure and he was surprised how far down it has now come. I am 78 years young and only been taking GH3 Gold for 8 months, but I cannot believe how good it is making me feel.

– Michael F

My annual winter depression has not happened this year. I don’t believe it is coincidence since I have started takin 
Prime Vital H3.

– Keith S, Bridgewater, UK

My doctor says I am one of the healthiest 78-year-olds he has seen. He didn’t know I have been taking Prime Vital H3 for 2 years!

– Vanessa O, Chelmsford, UK

You asked for my comments of Prime Vital H3. There are only two words BLOODY MARVELLOUS. The best money I have ever spent in my life!

– George B, Manchester, UK

I have taken Prime Vital H3 for 6 weeks and there has been a definite improvement in a chronic form of acne I have suffered coupled with boils I have endured for more than 30 years. No other treatment has worked in the past.

– Walter G, Hereford, UK

On a recent visit to my surgeon, he informed me that at over seventy-five years of age I possess the internal organs of a young man; please mail me another year’s supply.

- Karl H, Windsor, UK





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GH3 has been thoroughly tested than probably any other product designed for use in the human body. 32 years of clinical investigation and scientific testing, and use hundreds of thousands of people show no harmful side effects.

Take One tablet in the morning and One tablet in the evening. Packs contain a minimum of 60 tablets so will last a full month. Digestive enzymes may degrade the GH3, so it is preferable to take it on an empty stomach, and then wait at least one hour before eating to be sure it is absorbed. Most individuals take one tablet before breakfast, and another one hour before the evening meal. Alternatively, you may choose to take a tablet two hours after each of these meals.

We don’t use the term “cure” because the conditions improved by Gerovital will only continue if one continues to use the product. When one ceases to use GH3, the body appears to go back slowly to its original condition. Dr. Aslan points out that the real benefit of GH3 is that it can be used to prevent the advance of conditions which normally grow worse with aging.

The most impressive studies on increased life span were conducted by Prof. Berger in France, and Richard Hothschild, PhD of Corona del Mar. They conducted animal studies which showed that animals treated with GH3 may live up to 30% longer than animals in the control groups. Dr. Aslan reported a reduction in mortality rate in her human subjects, although her figures are less specific.

Dr. Aslan and her fellow researchers reported that 38% of GH3 treated subjects showed a reduction in absenteeism from work.

As with many of the great scientific advances of history, Gerovital H3 was discovered accident. The active ingredient of GH3 is procaine, a local anaesthetic developed in 1905 Alfred Einhorn, a German scientist. Over the years, doctors using procaine began to notice regenerative effects: arthritis disappeared in some patients, hair regrew or recoloured, and skin quality improved. However, the numbing effect of procaine
leads the body to trigger cholinesterase, an enzyme, which breaks the procaine down and ejects it from the cells in about one hour. Dr. Ana Aslan, a gerontologist and director of the Bucharest Institute of Geriatrics in Romania, was the first to recognize that these accidentally discovered regenerative effects might be extended if the procaine were stabilized so that it would not “attack” the body cells with a numbing effect. After years of laboratory and clinical work, she and her colleagues
succeeded in doing just that adding benzoic acid and potassium metabisulphate. The gentleness of the resulting compound leads the cells not to reject it, and it stays in the body for more than six hours. Presumably, the regenerative qualities are expanded a factor of at least six.