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Solusnore Lozenges

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Discover snore-free sleep for up to 8 hours at a time!

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Solusnore Lozenges provide a simple, extremely effective and natural way to stop you snoring. Both you and anyway else who sleeps with you will appreciate the benefits of Solusnore Lozenges.

Snoring is a problem afflicting 25% of people in England. As many as 48% of non-snoring partners stated they had to sleep in a separate room because of their partner’s snoring!

The “Great British Snoring Survey” produced these facts. It also highlighted the disruption to both parties; re sulting in excessive tiredness, poor concentration, other relationship problems and other health problems.

For those with severe snoring surgery is often a consideration. A staggering 17% had contemplated surgery.

Snoring is caused by the relaxation of soft tissues in the palate and at the back of the throat. Solusnore Lozenges are designed to steadily impregnate these tissues to prevent snoring.

All you need to do is suck a Solusnore Lozenge slowly, allowing the pectin to be released. If your lying down this will improve the lubrication of the palate and throat tissues.

Taken an hour before going to bed, Solusnore Lozenges can provide up to 8 hours relief from snoring; letting you get a full night’s health restoring sleep.

  • Reduces snoring*;
  • Improves breathing during sleep*;
  • Refreshes the breath (essential mint oil);
  • Exclusive combination of essential mint oil, Aloe Vera, Pectin and 2 Vitamins (E and B5).

The effectiveness of Soluronfl’Pastille has been tested in a satisfaction survey.

  • Immediate effect on snoring: 90% of subjects
  • Improved quality of sleep: 95% of subjects
  • Improved breathing: 97.5% of subjects
  • Fresher breath: 97.5% of subjects
  • Overall satisfaction: 97.5% of subjects

*Essential mint oil optimises respiratory system function.


Each Pack of 15 lozenges contains: Sorbitol, essential Indian mint oil, anti-agglomerants: colloidal silica and magnesium stearate, Vitamins E and B5, Pectin, Aloe Vera, colouring: E133.


One Solusnore Lozenge is enough for a whole night. For maximum effectiveness, allow to dissolve slowly on the tongue an hour before going to bed.

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