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HGC3 Hair Growth Formula

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HGC3 Hair Growth Formula Benefits

  • Helps reverse thinning, patchy hair
  • Boosts and strengthens hair growth
  • Improves appearance of scalp and increases hair shaft thickness
  • Builds stronger healthier nails
  • Gives woman longer, thicker more radiant hair
  • Helps Increase hair numbers
  • Improves tensile strength of hair
  • Improves appearance
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HGC3 Hair Growth Formula contains a powerful combination of over 40 vitamins, minerals, and extracts, designed to feed your hair follicles through your blood supply. The result is thicker, stronger, rejuvenated hair.

Hair loss occurs for many reasons – improper nutrition, hormone imbalances, some prescription medicines, over-exposure to the sun, bleaching and excessive blow-drying. Receding hair and baldness is a huge, but largely ignored, cause of human suffering. Men inevitably feel their virility is poor or decreasing; or they are aging prematurely. Women can also feel unattractive. For both men and women it can lead to low self-esteem and even depression.

HGC3 Hair Growth Formula is entirely natural and works without side effects. You will see striking results in 3-8 months. In most cases, stopping use for 1 month after 7 months will produce lasting results.

HGC3 Hair Growth Formula works both for men and women; reversing thinning hair by boosting and strengthening growth; giving you longer, thicker and stronger hair.

HGC3 Hair Growth Formula provides the wide variety of nutrients required to stimulate hair growth. General scientific consensus agrees normal, healthy hair growth requires specific nutrients, supplied through the blood system. Many of these nutrients have falling levels in our bodies as we age. Some people can lack sufficient levels from any age of life.

Taking HGC3 Hair Growth Formula ensures you will be supplying your body with all it needs to give your hair follicles the best chance to flourish and produce lovely hair.


Each HGC3 Hair Growth Formula serving contains:

  • Vitamin A 2000 I.U.
  • Vitamin B12 20mcg
  • Vitamin B5 20mg
  • Folic Acid 200mcg
  • Biotin 100mcg
  • Niacinamide 20mg
  • Calcium 50mg
  • Copper 4mg
  • Iodine (from kelp)100mcg
  • Zinc10mg
  • L-Cysteine 40mg
  • Choline Bitartrate 40mg
  • Inositol 20mg
  • Selenium 40mcg
  • Manganese 10mg
  • Turmeric 10mg
  • Horsetail Extract 10mg
  • Rosemary Leaf 10mg
  • Burdock Root 10mg
  • Birch Bark 10mg
  • Rose Hips 10mg
  • Irish Moss 10mg
  • Dandelion Root 10mg
  • Yellow Dock Root 10mg
  • Elder Berry 10mg
  • Oat Straw 10mg
  • Green Tea 10mg
  • Comfrey 10mg
  • Alfalfa 10mg
  • Nettles Leaf 10mg
  • Sage 10mg
  • Kelp 20mg
  • Beta Sitosterol 5mg
  • PABA 20mg
  • MSM 20mg
  • Saw Palmetto 25mg


As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily, or as recommended by a health professional.

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