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Quality Guarantee

When you think of quality natural health solutions, with a Pharmaceutical strength, you can think of Prime Health Direct. We have been pioneering original products since our founding. Over the years, we have listened to our customers and have responded with a wide variety of production & packaging capability, developed in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Amazingly, it is not the unique selection of formulations for numerous customer’s that we produce each year that makes us most proud. It is the quality control standards that we demand upon our products during every phase of development. From the moment the raw material enters our plant until they appear in your home, we ensure that every product meets our very high standard of excellence.

We receive raw material from all around the world (often the most expensive sources). To ensure that we are starting out with the best ingredients, each batch of material undergoes rigorous scientific testing by our quality control experts. To guarantee that purity, safety and potency standards are met, every ingredient is subject to sampling, and then quarantined until completely approved. Once testing has been completed and approved, each ingredient is insured a Certificate of Analysis, which is just another assurance that the ingredients we are using are completely safe, potent, and up to our very high standards.

We produce our products using modified OTC (over the counter) drug manufacturing standards, which are higher standards than are required for nutritional supplements. Even though it is not required by law, we believe following these strict guidelines makes our products far superior to some well known retailers of mass produced commodity supplements (with raw material  sourced from sources just because they are cheap) and this provides you, our valued customer with an added measure of assurance. All this is made possible by highly qualified personnel who care about your finished product, along with the help of the most sophisticated lab equipment available.

We perform Full Microbiological Testing; E. Coil, Salmonella, Coliform, Total Plate Count, Yeast, Mould & Listeria. This assures you that every product exceeds all industry standards for contamination. We use Colour Metric Spectroscopy for Protein testing. This analysis method is used to test the protein levels of all inbound & finished proteins. We are the first in the Vitamin & Health industry to use The Bran & Luebbe FT-NIR Analyzer, which is designed for full validation. As one of the most efficient and effective methods of qualitative and quantitative testing, our FT-NIR InfraProver is designed specifically to achieve GMP approvals. This sophisticated piece of equipment uses High Performance Crystal Spectroscopy to give us the ultimate testing performance. This means;

  • All inbound raw material is tested and validated
  • All finished products is tested and validated.
  • Your product will meet the label claims.

The InfraProver System is a Fourier Transform System specially developed for the Near Infrared Range and based on a completely new technology (HPCS- High Performance Crystal Spectroscopy). It combines state-of-the-art electronics and optics with the advantages of powerful Sesame software.To make this lab team complete, we also use HPLC, GC, Mass Spec., Genetic Sequencing, & Buchi’s Nir Cal FTNIR analyzers.

Your Finished Product

It is no wonder that Prime Health Direct has become one of the most trusted suppliers of cutting edge natural health solutions. Your product really is our product. Our Quality is your Quality. This means, that you are completely satisfied and can count on a potent, safe and very high quality product all of the time. That is what makes all the extra effort (and we really do go the extra mile) worthwhile.

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