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This website is completely integrated with our Guernsey stock centre. This means the moment your payment is accepted an address and invoice label has already been created. Our team then goes to work on carefully placing your chosen supplements. Order before 3pm and it will have already been bar scan recorded and picked up by the postal services before tea time. We will even pay any vat due to UK authorities on our pre paid scheme so you don’t have to worry about it- all completely free at no extra charge
We accept payment from any country and in any currency. Payment for your order can be made by most major credit and debit cards on our online order form.  However you can also order from us direct by calling our friendly motivated team on the numbers below or order by post to the relevant address below:


Dialing From inside United Kingdom
Tel: 0800 787 9022
Fax: 0870 787 8560

Dialing From outside United Kingdom
Tel: ++ 44 870 787 7890
Fax: ++ 44 870 787 8560

 By Post 

If you wish to order by post, please make your cheque, in GBP £ sterling, payable to Prime Health Direct Limited and post it together with your order to:

Prime Health Direct Ltd

Useful payment Information

  1. All prices shown are in £ sterling, although we also quote the US dollar equivalent; we always deduct funds from your credit or debit card in £ sterling at the £ sterling advertised price
  2. Your credit card company will automatically make the currency conversion
  3. If you want to check local currency conversion rates, please click here
  4. Please note that payments made by credit card will appear on your credit card statement as: PHD / Prime Health 
  5. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Maestro, Solo, JCB, American Express Credit and Debit cards
  6. We do not levy any additional card transaction charges or commissions

Is it safe to order on this website?

There has been a lot of media attention focused on the safety of ordering goods over the Internet. Using your credit card on sites offering SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted order forms is completely safe, as your data is encrypted (each letter and digit is randomly scrambled with sextillion possible combinations) before it is sent.
Your credit card and personal information are encrypted using SSL on our order form before transmission over the Internet. Our security certificate is issued by Thawte.

But couldn’t Prime Health Direct simply take my card number, debit any amount but not deliver my goods?
No. You are firmly in control. Outside the USA, credit card merchant accounts are very difficult to acquire. Companies applying for such accounts are vigorously scrutinized and must have a minimum 3-year track record of ethical trading. Quite simply, if your goods don’t arrive or we debit an incorrect/unadvertised price your card company has the power to reverse the charge. This means the risk is actually greater for us as the merchant than it is for you the customer! Prime Health Direct process all card payments with Europe’s premier Merchant services provider, Barclays Bank PLC

Help us to stop fraudulent transactions

Stopped cheques, bounced cheques, credit card charge-backs – where these are unilaterally initiated without notifying us of a problem, and thereby giving us the opportunity to resolve that problem, these will be treated as fraudulent transactions and will always be reported. If your cheque payment bounces it is important that you contact us immediately, and ensure that sufficient funds are added to your account to allow the payment to go through on re-presentation of the cheque. It is particularly important that you do not stop a cheque without our knowledge, or ask your credit card company to refund your payment while still in receipt of goods we have sent you, or which may still be in transit. This is considered theft, and is a criminal offence in most countries. Please note that due to previous fraudulent transactions and bank charges, we now have to charge £15 where invalid charge-back requests are made

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