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Nitromax (Nitric Oxide Booster)

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Scientifically Designed To Ignite New Muscle Growth and supply blood surges to all parts of your body, creating what is called the “continuous muscle pump”, promoting faster recovery, better workouts and an increase in your overall athletic performance. Our research scientist discovered that pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate is the best amino acid compound for delivering L-Arginine to your body, where it acts as a catalyst for nitric oxide (NO) synthesis. In layman’s terms we discovered a natural, non-drug method of creating and sustaining levels of NO in your body throughout the day, thereby delivering muscle-enhancing benefits all day long. The results were faster muscle gain, decreased body fat, and increased vigour and overall well-being.

The results were faster muscle gain, decreased body fat, and increased vigour and overall well-being

Arginine...with Potent Attitude!

Arginine is know to relax blood vessels, increasing the rate blood pumps round your entire body. This can lead to stronger erections, increasef vigour and sexual stamina. Even better, Nitromax is safe and effective even if you have diabetes or a heart problem. Don’t you owe it to yourself and someone special to order Nitromax -today?

Arginine for a Healthy Heart!

Healthy circulation is important for a healthy heart. The natural amino acid Arginine is potentially a powerful vasodilator which relaxes blood vessels so that blood flows smoothly to your heart. It is also a precursor to nitric oxide, a key regulator of many important functions, including blood vessel tone, blood pressure and flow. As an antioxidant it also keeps arteries clear.

Unique delivery system

Unlike the majority of L-Arginine products on the market today, Nitromax™ has been devised to maximize delivery. Other products normally break down in the stomach before they can get to the muscles that need it and do any good. Our biochemist's breakthrough process that binds Arginine to Alpha-Ketoglutarate protects the active ingredient via a pH controlled, sustained-release delivery system. This system is based on patented technology found in our Kre Alkalyn products (buffered creatine, US Patent #6,399,661), and means that Nitromax works where others fail! Try it, and see how effective it is for yourself


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